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Get your hard cover copy of By My Words Only – A 31 days Devotional for Women of POWER

It hurts pretty much to say that we are beginning to see too many married women and waiting brides who have made a habit of running to other people for their prayer needs. It is sad to see married women depending on pastors and prophets to help them meet the spiritual needs of their marriage. It is even more heartbreaking to see single and waiting brides who are placing their faith on other ‘more spiritual’ people to hear God for them concerning their marital destiny, this is not right, especially because we have the ability to generate power within our spirit and pray things into existence by our own words of faith.

By My Words Only is a devotional for women who desire a deeper intimate relationship with God, one filled with power and manifestations.

This 31-days daily devotional will engrace you with the power to take authority over every situation by your own words of faith. It is ultimately important for every woman to know how to pray with power and audacity in her words.

Receive power to establish in your life and in their marriage, whatsoever you decree. It is time for you to manifest!


By My Words only Devo is written for women of all backgrounds who desire a deeper personal relationship with God.

Married Women seeking to be the spiritual foundation of their marriage:By My Words only will help you draw closer to God in your marriage and give you a clearer understanding of how to release the favour you carry upon your home and business.

Fractured women seeking to rebuild faith and trust in for God for their life and marriage: In Christ there is hope. This Devo will help you move identify your past mistakes and fill you with faith to rebuild whatever the enemy has stolen from you.

Women who are single and in a serious dating relationship/courtship: You have the power to see your own visions for marriage and call forth your own prophecies. By My Words Only will help you take responsibility for the spiritual needs of your life and your future marriage as you prepare to walk into marital bliss.

No matter where you are as a woman of faith, we’re confident that By My Words Only will add to the authority and audacity you carry as a woman of prayer and manifestations.